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Hi mummies, I was an oversupply EP mum with my first child n oversupply DL with my second, however recently my lo fell sick n it affected his appetite quite abit for about almost 2 weeks, within this period due to ulcers from HFMD he couldn't stand to latch for more than say 6mins before pulling off n screaming. He is now recovered but still isn't latching on for more than 10mins, max he'll latch for about 15 but that's uncommon :/ Before he fell sick, his average was 15-20mins, 2-4hrly n now it's 6-10mins, 2-3hrly. He's currently 11 weeks old. Anyway, due to this I can feel that my supply has dipped quite alot, I can barely pump out anything after feeding or in place of a feed when I could easily pump out a full feed for him after latching previously.. is there anything I can do other than power pumping or supplements? I'm currently spamming legendairymilk supps as they've worked for me in the past n pumping once or twice a day. Should I start pumping after every feed? #breastfeeding #baby #help

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yes should increase pumping frequency