Ultrasound scan at KKH

Hi mummies, is there anyone here is a subsidised patient from KKH? May i know at which week of pregnancy is ur last ultrascan checkup? Is there any such thing as will need to scan for the last ? As im now at 29weeks , just recently went for scan on 28week.
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Subsidised patient at KKH here too. Doctor determined baby was in head-down position at my Week 28 check-up. Thereafter was just routine checks; and the doctor just did quick scans to check if baby's
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Yes, gave birth in Aug :)
I went to my last check up was 32weeks! I admitted to hospital 2days before 36weeks check up and give birth.
Wow congrats ❤ ! Will be going for my checkup on 32weeks next months for my injection.
I am under subsidised. The last ultrasound scan i had was week 28 too. Dont think there will be anymore scans. For me, doc ordered to have another scan this coming week as i will be beyond my 40 weeks
Noted with thanks 😊 . Have a smooth delivery ❤ !
Yup subsidised KKH patient here. I did not go for my last or second last checkup/scan as i was bz moving hse and i couldnt walk much cz of tiredness and kinda in pain as baby was really pushing my pel
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Thank you and amiin amiin insya Allah. May Allah ease your affairs. Healthy pregnancy, safe delivery amiin 😊🌻