How to transition swaddled baby for IFC

Hi mummies that send their babies to infant care, esp those below 5/6 months. I heard that most centres do not allow swaddles. My 2 months old needs to be swaddled for him to sleep, else he’ll be cranky, wake up very shortly due to his moro reflex or his own movement. How do i “train” him to sleep without swaddles or will the centre deal with the transition? Im so scared if he cry cry not being swaddled and the teacher will just ignore him 😣😣

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I slowly transitioned mine when she was 2 months old by taking one arm out of the swaddle and swapping sides. And then finally to letting both arms out and then she no longer needs to be swaddled. But of course you’ll need to place bean sprout pillow across the chest and tummy area so that he doesn’t get startled by noises.

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my ifc use the blanket to traditionally swaddle my girl from 2-4 months till she break free herself. so they do swaddle the baby so that all of them.will sleep at nap time . please ask your ifc properly

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Try putting bean sprout pillow over his tummy area.