Hi mommies! When does your babies stop using swaddle to sleep? My son is going to 6 months but he still sleep with a swaddle on. Tbh its hard to find a swaddle large enough to wrap him because hes all chubby and long nw. Haha. I have tried all ways to make my son sleep without being swaddled but he keeps waking up after 15 mins. He will get cranky each time i put him to sleep without it as he couldn’t sleep properly. Do you mommies know what i can do about this? How do i stop him from using swaddle to sleep?

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Can your baby roll over yet? My LO is 5mo and likes to sleep on her tummy. Not the safest position but she keeps rolling into that position so we just let her be and constantly check if her airways is blocked.

3y ago

Yes he can! Hes quite a rough sleeper. He will always be in the opposite position the next morning. We always have to check his swaddle as he loves to bring it over his face and suck, lick on it. Thats why i thought of stop using the swaddle but its so hard for him to slp.

You can try those sleep bags like Love to Dream which is better cos it doesn’t keep baby too tight, which is bad for their arms and legs development.

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I gradually weaned my little one... first let one arm out, then two arms, then the legs. Managed to wean in 2-3 weeks.

3y ago

Aww thank u for this. Will try this tonight :)

I started using sleeping bag with hands out since he started flipping. Totally weaned off sleeping bag after 24mo

3y ago

Oh wow sleeping bag. This is good idea. Thank u for sharing. Will look for it!! :))

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My girl didn’t like being swaddled so I stopped after 2 weeks

Around 2 weeks

At 3 months