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Hello Mummies! Sorry first time pregnancy here. Would like to ask if any of you have sleepless nights? I realised I have been waking up every 2 hours and cant seem to find a comfortable spot. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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It’s normal! :) Ive read an article about this, it’s the way our body “trains” us to get used to motherhood. Bec when baby arrives, that’s how much we gonna wake up. Even not waking up for no reason, our body also wakes us up to pee. Try to get more rest as much as u can, don’t mean to scare u. But once baby arrives, we never will have enough sleep ever again. If u’re working, day some days off just to rest your body and sleep as much as u can! I never had such advises, that’s why I worked till the day I pop. 2 children on, still working and not getting enough sleep. But! It’s all worth it :)

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