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Hi mummies, Can you all share with me which brand walker is good and why? Thank you!

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It’s up to ur comfort whether to let your baby use walker. I use it on my twins babies if not I couldn’t really cope. I bought lucky baby 4in1 brand from kiddy palace. About $89.90. Cheaper version just walker will be around $69. U can go qoo10 to buy too using coupon it will be cheaper. Anyway we grow up using walker when we r baby too. So it’s up to u whether to let ur baby use.

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I let my 1st child use walker but yhe after effect is that she tiptoe instead. So I quickly get rid of it and let her walk, develop at her own pace. Glad everything turns out fine.

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if u do some research, many say walker will affect LO development...

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I don't use walker. Actually I don't recommend using walkers.

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It is not good for baby's hip development. Plus children usually follow a natural development pattern... If you put your baby when he is not ready to walk, he will end up tiptoeing when walking. You can use a push walker instead...

Walker is not recommended Get a Push walker instead

Not too young for walker or the legs will bend

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I bought fisher price and it is good.

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Not recommended to use walker.

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Not recommended