Hi Any mummies can share with me their 6mths old mealtime schedule.My child start milk at 8am so what time should i give porridge/cereal/puree. Can i have sample of the timetable? Thank You

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For 6mo I only gave my baby solids once a day. If she drinks milk at 8am after her morn nap at around 1230 I give her porridge. But mid morning around 1030 if she is hungry you can give some milk or fruits first? I like to give her solids during lunch at the beginning as I know midday she is usually hungry after her morn nap

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For me if milk is at 8am. You can start to give small portions at 9am. 6months old don't really eat it's more of introducing food. You can give oats with apple sauce. They are good and easy to digest. Just a few spoonful would be good for a start. Don't forget to follow the three day rule. =)

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I started out with solids once a day. My girl feeds 3 hourly so... 8.30am - milk 11.30am - solids 2.30pm - milk 5.30pm - milk 8.30pm - milk She doesn't wake up to feed at night. Dream feeding also doesn't work on her.

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5y ago

Hi mummy How much shd they be drinking?

I will give cereal at around 8am when baby wakes up. 11am I will give puree (i started off wif steamed veg den i puree it) / porridge. The rest of the day i will juz give milk.