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Hello, any mummies here is seeing or have seen Dr John Tee at KK? Has he arrange a series of test to be done, like down syndrome and harmony test? All in all, I was ask to go for 4 tests, and I juz found out all 4 test are not cheap and not mandatory. Any mummies here opt out of all the tests? Thank you. Ps: Dr did mention we can skip e down syndrome test due to low risk. TIA!

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Dr John Tee just delivered my baby last week. Yes he did arrange a series of tests but on the day itself, it is still up to you. I didn’t do the Harmony test as I did the other one with the structure scan and harmony test is too expensive.

2y ago

I did only one test.. Overall I had a pleasant experience with Dr John Tee.. feel free to ask me anything regarding this.