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Hello can I check with the mummies here did you all do the 90% or 99% down syndrome test? Which would you advice please? Thanks!

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Contemplated due to difference in cost but ultimately took the harmony test as the risk increases with mummy's age and with multiple pregnancy. Heard recounts from friends who took Oscar and received a scare, which resulted in additional harmony test afterall. Have heard of a friend who took none because no matter low or high risk, a baby is already a blessing. So, have a proper discussion with your partner and I'm sure your heart will tell you which you actually feel more comfortable with. Take care!

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6mo ago

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks :)

This is my first pregnancy and I took NIPT even though it’s more costly so that the test result is more accurate. If I take Oscar i may have to “retake” the test again to re-confirm the result if something is off. Besides that doing NIPT u have the option to know ur baby gender earlier too. ☺️

I did the Oscar initially, then results came back to be mid risk. And had to do additional Harmony test in the end which was more accurate. So best to just do Harmony test from the start. Save u more money in the event u need to do more tests.

Depends on your risk level. NIPT is double the cost but will let u know the 99% prob and gender. Doc will recommend NIPT if there’s history or u are a high risk case. If u think ur chance is high, go for NIPT or can just go with Oscar.

did FTS, since my result came back as high risk, dr suggested harmony.. so instead of paying arnd 700+ for harmony i ended paying only 300+ since it was a dr recommended test and not an optional test

99% I did the extended panorama test. Wanted the additional peace of mind. It really depends on you. If you want to keep the child regardless, then might not even need to do the test.

I did NIPT on 11 weeks 4 days, got the baby gender result too. They can detect boy or girl chromosome. And on 15 weeks 6 days. My doctor confirmed the baby gender. Same as the NIPT.

6mo ago

Less than 2 weeks.

Sometimes NIPT cannot get any result, as it may too early on week 10, if u have both at least u able to know from FTS first. Theb later can do NITP around week 15 or 16.

my doc ask me to do NT + panorama... but I'm 25 yrs old onli. for peace of mind, I do all . don't want to regret if there r any problems , I can't take the risk :(

Best to do both Oscar and NIPT, as advised by my gynae. Coz there will be a first tri screening for Oscar to look at the baby's structure. NIPT does not do this.