How many tests and injections are necessary?

First time pregnancy here. I went for a scan at JB during 7 weeks, as I was worried. Since I did a scan there, I did not arrange any gynae in Singapore. Wanted to wait till week 11 to do harmony test and scan all together. But I heard we actually have more than just harmony test and we even have some injections to take for the sake of baby’s health? When exactly should I actually see gynae for all necessary tests and injection?

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Super Mum

2 vaccines: flu and pertussis; oral glucose tolerance test and group b strep swab. Other tests perhaps depending on the pregnant women's health condition. Visit gynae after week 7, they will arrange for tests etc as you progress

Scans are monthly, towards end of tri 3 is 1-2 weeks once. I only took 1 jab for whooping cough. 3 blood tests for gestational diabetes test. 8 weeks to detect heartbeat, 20W is the only detailed scan. That’s all.