Types of Down syndrome test available

I’m 41 this year and at 5.4 weeks in my 1st trimester now. Has 2 healthy boys through normal delivery. Due to my age, I would like to know what are the options / series of tests available to test for Down Syndromes / abnormalities development. Any suggestions? What are the tests that the Dr will advise to go for ? Thank you for the advises if any.

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I was 42 when I got pregnant with my second. Went for panorama. Forget about Oscar as false positive too high for our age.

3y ago

May I know how’s the panorama test done? And at how many weeks ? I’m scheduled for 2nd appt at week 9 just wondering if there will be any test done on that day itself.

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Panorama or harmony test.

3y ago

Thank you for your kind inputs