hi mummies, any recommended backpack for working mothers which can use to put laptop and baby items?

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Hi I bought a backpack for my husband from DadGear via Amazon. It has many compartments and is definitely super spacious to put in everything I need and yet i don't have a hard time finding the stuffs. But the design is pretty skewed towards men and the price is abit steep as have to ship from US.

I was using an addidas bag, I used to put all my stuffs in there, laptop, files, baby stuffs and personal items. They fit well for me. I got it at royal sporting house at marina Square.

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I used a Herschel when I was in school, but you can also use any others depending on how much space you need and how comfortable you are with having to pack and unpack!

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Baby items for you to put at work? Or baby items for going out?

5y ago

Many would recommend the jjb brb. It's one of the back which im planning to get soon. How old is your child?

thank you mummies for the recommendations :)