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Any mummies here put their baby to infant care? Can share your experience? My baby is 2 weeks old currently but we already started making plans to put her to infant care at about 3.5months old. Reason is because both me & my husband can't get along with both in laws. The thought of putting my baby to infant care makes me start to miss her, worry about her.... * Worry & upset mummy

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My LO has been in infant care for about 2 mths now, we sent her since she was 4mo. I strongly believe that babies develope better in infant care. It has been a pleasant experience thus far. Teachers keep them occupied with different activities when they are awake. The centre we go to has an app where teachers upload photos of their activities with the babies, along with some explanation on what skills they are training the babies for. Teachers also have a whatsapp group chat with the parents so they can keep us updated. I was worried about feeding initially because my LO feeds 2hrly, but they were accommodating, and surprisingly by the 4th day they managed to help baby drink 3-4 hourly

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