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Hi mummies, can you please share with me which brand of formula milk is safe for 2-3 months old baby?

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They’re all safe in the general sense of the word. Some babies are able to take all brands, some babies prefer the taste of certain brands over others, some babies have allergies/sensitive stomachs and require more special preparations. For babies below 6 months, you can’t obtain samples for stage 1 formula milk in Singapore. My suggestion is to buy the smallest tin size (400g) of a brand and try it out to see if baby’s willing to drink first. Then buy bigger tins if baby likes it. Major brands eg. Nestle Nan/Abott Similac/Dumex/Aptamil/Enfamil, etc all have samples for babies above 6 months of age (stage 2 milk onwards). You can apply for those on their website. If you’re switching from bm for formula, take note that a lot of babies do not like sudden switches and will reject formula milk. You need to start by mixing bm and fm eg. 90ml/120ml breastmilk with 30ml formula at first, then slowly increase the volume of fm while decreasing the volume of bm, till baby is happy to drink pure fm.

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2y ago

thank you for your advice :)

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All are safe; they all have to pass strict QC. It’s a matter of whether your LO will/will not have adverse reaction once they drink it or if your LO will/will not like it.

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all stage 1 formula is safe for baby, but some baby has glucose intolerant or constipation on some brand, you still have to try and error, so it's depends on the baby

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It depends on baby. Some fm give diarrhoea or constipation. You can try which one suits him best. Dumex has samples on their website.

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They are mostly safe(: Try Nan or Enfagrow

Karihome's goat milk is good