Oyster Sauce. Good or Bad?

Hi mummies, is oyster sauce really not healthy? My mum has been coming to my hse to help with baby and cook dinner. She likes to use oyster sauce to cook veggie and sometimes meat. I have a toddler as well and recently just started her to eat rice. So she is eating my mum’s cooked food as well. So ai’m abit concern on using oyster sauce.

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I feel that a little is fine. I’m trying to steer away from processed food these recent months. I would use a tinge if Himalayan pink salt if I want some taste instead of oyster sauce. See your school of thought?

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Oyster sauce isn’t made from oysters. There’s no direct harm linked to it but if you are concerned, moderation is always best. Eg: Not everyday or every meal. Lessen the amount since it’s quite salty.

I grow up eating oyster sauce so I guess should be fine ! But for little ones I will suggest to rinse it with hot water to prevent the food being overpowering for them.

Should be ok. But just curious, in what way it's unhealthy? Too salty?

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I grew up eating oyster sauce too and I’m not sure why it’s unhealthy too. But my husband keeps telling me too much of oyster sauce is not good.

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It's OK. Eat in moderation.. Just like salt and sugar.


Should be ok so Long as you eat in moderation

It’s fine in moderation and small quantity

A little should be fine, we gave veggimite

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Should be okay in small quantity

I thk shld be okay