pubic bone pain

Hi mummies . Now am 38 weeks 4 days. I have terrible pain when walking sitting. The side bone very pain. Anybody is having the same. Is it normal. This is my first baby.

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Same here 38week Yung bone sa kipay ko masakit talaga pati pisngi parang my tumutusok na ewan tapos masakit na abdomin ko ,sakit balakang pag nakatayo hirap tumayo sa higaan at kapag nakahiga di makahinga , hrap gumalaw i hope malabas ko na si baby on my 39weeks ♥️ excited to see my princess😍😍 Anytime soon pwede na maglabor

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4y ago

Momsh same na same sa nararamdaman ko now im 39weeks tom for ie ulit. Update po after ur comment?

On my 35th weeks and same thing. Maybe baby bump is too big and pressing against some sort of bone, nerves, pelvic. its normal. maybe can buy pregnancy belt to help relieve some stress from the bump when walking or sitting. it worked for me. or when sleeping have a flat pillow under to help carry the bump.

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I believe it is normal. I was in pain too and asked my gynae, she said it’s because baby sitting on the softened pelvis bone already (getting ready for birth) this it’s more painful now. After deliver, pain will be gone.

I am 27 weeks and i have this pain from beginning of 2nd trimister, specially in nights when changing positions, my midwife said its normal and no treatment we have to bear this 😞

this is my 4th baby and im experiencing this. mvr experience this pain for my last 3 babies.. was told by the doctor that its normal till delivery..

38 weeks today..sabi ng midwife sa lying in 2cm na pero di ako nakakaramdam ng maxiadong sakit pero sobrang baba na ng tiyan ko..

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its normal but if its makes u uncomfortable or its getting more painful then better seek your gynae.

It is normal but if the pain is very sharp and making you uncomfortable please consult your gynae


Please do not delay any further and go see your doctor. Best to get a professional opinion

Hey, It is normal but if the pain persists or increases, I would suggest consult the gynae