experiencing pubic bone pain in the last few weeks till now. hurts when getting out of bed, getting in/out of car, sitting on toilet bowl for long. 38 weeks currently. help! ?

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Same here, 38 wks and 4 days

Yes same here...

38 and 4 days. Ganito din nararamdaman. 1st pregnancy. Hirap pala 😂

Same here. Been feeling this for so long.

Same as mine... I'm 38th weeks 3 days...

I feel you😭🙏

Same thing is happening here, but am using pain killer

Same here.. 38 weeks and 3 days..

Kegel exercise is what is helping me also you can try.m also 38 weeks only a week n 4days left then ill see my lil man

Same here, 38 weeks 4days. Cant sleep, parang may menscramp.. minsan pati likod sumasakit. Is it signs of labor already?