Newborn struggles

Hello mummies! Need some serious advice and I’m going crazy. My 5 weeks new baby is struggling to fall asleep during the day even after feeding, diaper change and swaddled her. We will need to walk around while carrying her, rock and pat her but, after we put her down and within 5 to 10 mins, she will wake up crying again. Most of the time she will wake up trying very hard to fart or poo until she burst out crying. We’re giving her all sorts of tummy massage and ridwind but she is still squeezing real hard until her face turn red and cry. What else can i do to help her sleep, fart and poo better? First world problem.

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Super Mum

Try giving probiotics which will improve her gut health. Can try buying Biogaia. Newborns are not able to self soothe to sleep now. You can try switching on white noise, keep the room cool etc. Awake times are important too. Babies can’t sleep if they are under or over tired. You can also consider babywearing her using a baby carrier to put her close to you for comfort. It should help her sleep.

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10mo ago

Hope your baby is feeling better. It takes time for baby to get used to it