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Hi Mummies! Just need a little rant here.. Any of you here happen to be a fellow childcare teacher? How do you adjust yourself to the routine and being pregnant? I am in my 6th weeks now, and taking PG class.. Quite often i have to bend down to put on their shoes (when going home) even when i was seated on a chair to change their diapers yet. My lower back will ache everytime when i get home, sometimes my lower abdomen will have some discomfort. My laoshi have been very supportive eversince i broke the news to her.. She don’t allow me to carry the children cots, bending down too much. Most of the times she will send the children out, so that i don’t have to bend down and put the children shoes for them. After she goes home, i am left with no choice but to send the children out (because the class teacher are to send the children out strictly) I am feeling so tired everytime, i know i’m quite early in my pregnancy.. but sometime I’m wondering if i can try asking for HL from my gynae (private) just to rest at home for few days.. 😥

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I was teaching when I was pregnant with #1. definitely helps to talk to my P about my pregnancy as we were undergoing KN to CC transition and all the reno works and packing and all. aft talking to my P, she made sure everyone is aware of the things I can't do, and she made sure that someone is around to assist me whenever manpower is available. Otherwise, I get the kid to sit on a chair and me on a chair too while I help them with their shoes

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Hang in there mama! Bring your concerns up to your principal and see if she is willing to assist. Otherwise, talk to your doctor?

u may try to take NPL during your first trimester. a few of my T.A did that during their pregnancy.