Hospital Bag.

Hi mummies, Any mummy that deliver in TMC? Can advise me what to pack for hospital bag for mom and baby? Thank you so much!

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Actually TMC provided quite alot of things for mummies such as maternity pad, they will open a brand new packet for you. They also provide simple toiletries bag with face, hand towel, small comb included. U can pack your own small bottle of face wash, shampoo etc when u going to discharge if u feel more comfortable using your own ones. Your baby will be wearing TMC onesizes back home unless you want your baby to change out. You should be having a leaflet when u attend the maternity tour TMC. They have alot of things stated there. If not I think you can check their website too Most importantly, do bring your breast pump along. In case your baby is having difficulty latching to your nipple and you need to pump to provide some breast milk for him/her and try again on next day or some time later to latch. U need to pump out your breast milk even just a little, if not you may get engorgment which is very painful.

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Thank you so much for the info, dear. It helps. ☺️