What should I do.

Hi mummies , my inlaw house is infested with bedbugs and insects and due to poor mantaince of the house as well as circulation. Everybody in the house knows about it. I don't even know how do they live with it in the house .. Even my husband , but they are not like taking action about it. I feel this is a serious matter as back then I had this problem at my mum place but thankfully all cleared up . Bedbug suck human blood and is very hard to kill and multiple very fast . Always worried that my child will get bitten or we'll bring back to our own house and spread to our house . This make me reluctant to go to their place during the weekends ... I've tried communicating but nothing is solved.. What should I do ?

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I would insist and tell my husband tt they need to solve tt problem first. He needs to understand tt it's harmful for baby. I'll make up stories of how a friend's baby got bitten by bedbugs and got allergic reaction etc. Haha I did tt when my husband wanted to visit one of his aunts whose hse has tt prob too. Eventually we didn't go and his aunt came to see our baby at my in-laws instead 😅 You can suggest to meet up with ur in-laws outside for meals perhaps or they can come to ur hse.

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Protecting my child is my top priority so I won't go there anymore until the bug problem is gone. Did you try communicating directly to your in-laws, or was it just with your husband? If it was just with your husband and nothing got done, then go straight to your in-laws and communicate it till they get it. Explain it factually, let them know it's for their grandchild's own good.

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If it’s me, I’ll not step into the in-laws’ house until they get pest control to rid the bedbugs for good. Maybe you should just take the initiative to arrange an appointment with the pest control if they are avoiding the matter?

need to search thoroughly dear, sometimes the wood bed frame , wadrobe , sofas , hidden corners of the ceilings are mostly infected also .. engage a pest control to come over

throw away mattress or items infested. a tip is to put olive oil in a cup that rest bed legs in it so the bugs can't climb up

there is something calls deet free kids friendly bugs repellent. if you really have to go there, use the repellent

If I were you, I would not go over Until the problem is solved.

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I won't go at all. To protect lo and protect your house

Please call pest control. If not, call it anonymously

Just anonymously call pest control.