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Hello mummies, I'm now 36 weeks but havent had any colostrum...does it mean I won't have breast milk? :(

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Don’t worry too much about it. I only had mine after I gave birth (via emergency c-section). You can produce the colostrum after birth by massaging the breast and hand extract it. The nurses at the ward taught me how to do it. When I 1st started only manage to extract 0.5ml, then 1.5ml, then 3ml, then 6ml.... so you see the key is don’t give up, be discipline and consistency. I extracted every 2hrly... and keep doing it till the supply become more. Make sure you clean the nipple (to unblock it) it took me hours to clean all the blockages which bleed a little (small white residue). Once tht is unblocked, you will find the colostrum and in the future the breast milk flow be smoother and faster). I hope the above is helpful.

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12mo ago

thank you very much!!


nope. different people starts differently. breast milk is a natural things. just rmb to do skin to skin to stimulate when baby is born. some mother milk kick in 2 to 3 weeks later. you can try to squeeze a little to see or you can start eating milk booster food.

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Hi dear, the colostrum will come after you give birth, don’t worry:) only some people see colostrum coming before they give birth. You don’t need the colostrum now.

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I delivered via c sect at 36+6 weeks colostrum only came bout 2 days after birth. Just got to continue latching and stimulating. All the best mummy!!

Mine came after I delivered to baby via natural birth. Heard c-sect might be slower, it varies. I’m still breastfeeding 14mth baby and counting

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Colostrum will come after u delivery your baby just remember do not miss the golden hour (within 1hr after u deliver) to feed your baby

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Mine only come during 37 or 38weeka during first pregnancy. BM supply was alright until other complications arised

Mine only came 3 days after birth. Breast milk came in 7 days pp.

usually breast milk will come out 1 week after you gave birth ..

most people don't have it till they've given birth I think.