Why is my baby bump look so small

Mummies, I’m kinda of worried that my baby bump look soo small which doesn’t look like I’m pregnant at all. I am 20 weeks and 2 days but I don’t seems to look pregnant at all. I don’t have any symptoms such as stretch marks or any back pain or leg pain at all. I am worried as well that many people will thought I’m lying abt my pregnancy. And how to know if my baby is healthy??? Help me out mummies.

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Super Mum

Are you going for routine checkups with gynae? If so, you should be able to track the growth of your baby. Small bump is ok for week 20+2 and don’t sweat about lack of symptoms. Enjoy it! Assure you that those symptoms you mentioned are NOT FUN! Most backache, leg pain occur in third trimester where your bump will balloon up really fast.

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