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Hi all, im 21 weeks pregnant but my tummy still looks kind of small. It looks like fats on my tummy or look bloated like I have just had a meal. I am not a small built body but of a medium size and my height is 166cm. Is this normal? At which month will my tummy will look round and obvious that i'm pregnant? Thanks!

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I think every pregnant women is different. I’m pregnant with my first child, my tummy has shown even in my 1st trimester, now I’m in my 2nd trimester, but many thought I’m in my 3rd trimester... at first I was worry I have gain too much weight or baby is too big, but after consulting the gynae, baby is average size, I’m not overweight... so it is just how my body is... So don’t worry, as long as your gynae think you are ok, you are! Trust your gynae, stay relax and positive. Take care and God bless you and baby 💙

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1y ago

Yeah I’m the same. Im 5 months but people say i look 7 months. I look like a barrel. Oh well but whatever it takes as long as baby is good ☺️

No pregnant women looks the same. Some have a small bump, some have a big bump but that does not determine the size of your baby. It is very normal and nothing to worry about as long as your baby is well & healthy. If you're a first time mother, your bump will not show until later on or look smaller than those who've had subsequent pregnancies as their uterus has already stretched from their previous pregnancies. I looked like I was carrying a 4 mth old bump when I was actually 9 mths pregnant during my 1st pregnancy.

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For my first pregnancy, i only started "showing" when i was 7 gg to 8 mths and everytime ppl will comment that my bump is small and that others are usually big by now. i was realllllly depressed by their comments but dr said that my baby is growing well. but for my second born, it looks bigger. so yeah. as long as baby is growing healthy it's all good :)

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Every pregnancy body is different. Especially if it’s your first pregnancy, u may not show that obviously yet. I am 21 weeks 5 days, and 170cm and also look more like I have a food baby after meals. My baby is growing very well based on the detailed scan. So long as baby is growing well, don’t worry, u are all good!

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During my 1st pregnancy my tummy doesn't show at week 21 too. I'm medium size at 163cm. till close to week 30 then start to show obviously and suddenly grow like a big bursting balloon when due date nearer. now I'm on my 2nd pregnancy at week 16. but my tummy already grow like 26weeks lol

No need to worry..last time for my first child, my tummy also look small. But compare to now, it more bigger then last time. Different women will have different size of tummy.. just relax and think positive everything will be good


Hello 👋🏻 congrats! Every pregnancy looks different depending on the position of the foetus. My tummy was small too. Only became big n obvious around 7mo. Before that no one knows I was pregnant. 😅😅 had a healthy boy at 38w3d.

Heard that first pregnancy usually the tummy don’t show out so fast. Mine was quite early, not sure if it’s because I’m fat or what hahah. My bump started showing around 4th month.

21 weeks is common for some pregnant woman for their belly to be small .. its fine , once you turn 28weeks / 32weeks your belly is going to be noticeable

I'm 22 weeks and my bump don't show themselves up but my mum say me the bump are visible on 7th month