When to start first food/solid food?

Hello mummies! I'm a first time mother and my daughter is 5 months old. I was told by old folks that I can begin to introduce baby's first food (Like Gerber's kinds) or cereal nestum mixed with milk. However, their packaging stated that it's suitable for 6 months age and above. I'm afraid to start soft food for my baby because I was told that there would chances babies will get colic. However the first food from Gerber's are suitable for ages 4 months and up. Do i try that first?

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hi! I had a lot of "buggers" too, asking if I started on purees, rice cereals, porridge etc. I even received kind donations of cerealac which I gave away due to concerns of sugar and arsenic. I was in no hurry to start feeding my son solids, and even waited till he was 7mths, able to sit up well and showed visible signs of interest in our foods 😊 he would stare intently at us eating, then smile and stick out his tongue!

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do what is most comfortable for YOU as a parent. my son is almost 6 months old and we didn’t heed to our parents’ advice, and haven’t started him on solids. we followed our pd’s advice instead.

it depends on your baby. if he is able to sit up right and shows signs that he is interested in food you can try giving 2 spoons to check his interest and then decide

Start at 6 months old. Unless PD gave you the approval to start early then you start early. I won't suggest to give nestum as is sweet, i will suggest gerber products

PD advised us to start giving solids when the baby can sit on his own and interested in our food. can start ard 5.5 mos. can start with bland food like potato first

My doctor gave me a heads up to give baby solid at about 4 months plus. But I waited to about 5 months plus then I feed him the brown rice cereal.

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My son was quick to be able to sit on his own. But I waited till 6mo. And yet, up to 11mo he still wasn’t interested in solids 🥺

Let's see if your baby is ready for solid, sit up right, able to use hand to reach the objects. Etc

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Sometimes can delay a bit, if baby's body is not ready