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Hi mummies, I’m due in June and currently under KK subsides. Do you think I should switch to private ? Or is it too late? Been hearing scary story from subsidised patient lately. So am not too sure abt this.

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Subsidised or private, honestly I think they're both the same. You'll still hear scary stories from those who took on the private route. I gave birth 3 times at KKH via subsidy and had splendid experiences. The gynaes, the nurses and even the midwives really took great care of me and baby. Even the hospital stay was great. No regret. I rather splurge on the extra cash for my baby rather than going private cos to me I'll only be staying there for atleast a min. of 2 days for vaginal delivery (if there is no complications).

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It really depends on you and if private is affordable. Everyone’s reviews and perspectives will differ because we all have different experiences. For me, I didn’t like long wait time and the fact that they don’t scan the baby every visit. I feel that that will add on to my anxiety thus I decided to spend more for the sense of assurance. If your are comfortable and you trust the doctors that’s a good sign

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I gave birth via emergency c-sect on 19 Oct 2020 at KKH under subsidised patient and everything was alright for me. Prior to that I also heard scary stories and was fumbling to change to NUH but was too late and was thinking if there’s any complications, will still direct to KKH. Don’t expect so you won’t be disappointed. Good luck!

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2y ago

Yeap, don’t worry. Everything’s a first for you so really, don’t come in with expectations. I didn’t and it was much better than what people told me about. I wasn’t really big on the wards cause personally it will just be a few days stay (or so I thought) so I took B2 (6-bedded) and was surprised they have air con too! Hahaha. But I was there for 6 days cause I developed pre-eclampsia post-pregnancy. So imagine if I had taken B1 or A ward.. everything will be private cost! Also, I was relieved actually having room mates rather than alone in A ward. My total bill size was $11+k before subsidy and even after subsidy I had to top up cash of $4+k but luckily, I had insurance so that was all covered and I didn’t pay a single cent at all. Instead I was given by my insurance $900 for hospital stay, $1+k for all the appts I went (which wasn’t reimbursed back to Medisave as what I was told so I’m not sure how and why) and I think all that was more than what I could have asked for being a subsid

I'm under subsidised for all my 4 births and still is with my 5th now. Everything went smooth. There are also scary stories with the "private," not just the "subsidised."