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I’m currently 26weeks pregnant. Would it be too late to switch from private to subsidised? Will KKH reject the request?

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if you wish to downgrade, inform the nurse and they will do the first cut of means-testing to see if you are eligible. if you didn’t pass the means testing at the clinic, they will refer you to see the medical social worker and gather your info on financial and family situation before they assess your appeal. However, the appeal takes time so easier if you go to polyclinic should you didn’t pass the nurse’s means-testing at the clinic. The staff are not able to tell you explicitly to go polyclinic for downgrading. At the polyclinic, inform tt you are f/u at KKH but wish to downgrade and ask for referral letter to bring to KKH. Do this before you deliver as polyclinic can only do so for outpatient f/u. KKH should recognise the downgrading then, but likely cannot be following up with same gynae.

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hmmm based on what I understand, to switch to subsidise ward, the hospital will require you to see the financial counseller and s/he will review your current financial background (as well as your spouse/partner and general household income) to ascertain if the hospital will downgrade you... its not easy... how did you get referred to KKH in the first place?

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If I’m not wrong, you’ll need to go to a polyclinic to get a new referral to see a gynae at kkh. You cannot switch from private to subsidized directly within the hospital. But no harm checking with the nurses or counter staff directly during your next appt to get a more accurate information on switching. Better than waiting for answers here.

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You just need to go Polyclinic and inform e dr you would like to go KKH sub rate.. With this referral letter you should be able to downgrade but from my understanding you got to wait for quite awhile

Just go to polyclinic and take a referral. Very fast. I just switched to kkh subsidised from Thomson medical private two weeks ago only. I am 36 weeks pregnant now. No question was asked .

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Switching isn't a problem but you won't be able to choose your own doctor. U be assigned to a random doctor and not be seen by a consultant themselves.

it is not late.. you can always switch as what I heard from others..

can't switch from private to subsidize