hi all, anyone can recommend me gynae at kk? And is there a difference in private and subsidised in kk? I am thinking of choosing private kk to give birth. Currently i am at kk subsidised.

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The difference is definitely the price! And pvt u will be with one fixed gynae. Subsidised u will be seeing medical docs on duty n it may be different each visit.. My gynae is dr Lee Jiah Min

5y ago

Oh okay, thank you so much!

Just go for subsidies all the way. I gave birth in kk 4 months back and all the way subsidies and all the nurses and gynaes are SOOOO NICE. Not as bad as those people mentioned.

You may want to check out costs at private hopsital.. it doesn't differ much from KK private...

5y ago

For me, so far my visits are in weekdays, no weekends

You can try prof John Tee. He is very nice dr. He is my gynecologist.

I went with mt.a and nv regret my decision

5y ago

Okay thank you

Dr Wang Junjie! Very caring and kind