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Hi Mummies, currently I’m with KK under subsidise now however we are planning to go for private for our first baby. Currently I’m at 5 months. Can mummies suggest me good gynae/hospitals I should look into? Should I still stick to KK or out of it? Thank you.

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I was previously at mt A, but due to pre eclampsia at wk34, my gynae very nice recommend me to go to public hospital to give birth to save cost as I need to be warded 2 weeks till I give birth. I choose sgh and didn’t regret. I was under subsidised and the nurses and doc are all so nice. Yes, I can’t choose my gynae but the midwife and the gynae did such a great job & I’m so thankful. And due to pre eclampsia, my baby is born at 2kg. I couldn’t really push out and the gynae help me to “push” the baby out and avoid using assisted delivery. I’m so thankful for him till this date. Lastly, I only need to pay $1.5k from Medisave for my baby stay at HD ward for 1 week , and my hosp/delivery fee is foc covered by insurance. I saved more than $10k. If I were to have another baby, I will still go to my gynae at mount A, but give birth back at sgh 😅 My point is, it really depends on what’s ur priority and whether ur financial allows it. You could save a lot and spend it on the baby . Good luck!

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2y ago

i have been to kkh and sgh as a subsidized patient. if u are goin kkh i can oni recommend that u chose PRIVATE. sgh wise im sure u will be under gd hands no matter private or subsidized. ;)

you can just book a private gynae at kkh through the health buddy app. I'm currently in kkh private under Dr Manisha.. but the general sense I get is that kkh is not very pro natural even if they will listen to you and what you want. I heard nuh gynaes are more pro natural. so depends on what you value.. I wouldn't go to TMC or mount a or mount e as I find that the pricing can go off the charts. Why don't you try to book hospital tours first? See which hospitals have the facilities you want. cause usually private gynaes from those private clinics would be tied to a specific hospital.

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Perhaps it's easier to change to private in the same hospital rather than totally out of it as many pte gynaes prefer handling cases right frm the start unless there is a v gd reason for u to change e.g certain medical condition tt needs a gynae specialised in tt area. If u alr have a gynae in mind, u may try to enquire.

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If you are a foreigner like me private is better cause it cost the same as public. But some locals still prefer private. If you choose to change, talk to KK to transfer your files to the private hosp you prefer. :) The most impt is the baby and your wellbeing as the mummy

1y ago

ya correct .private n public the cost is same . btw how much do u pay for all n which private u went?


Dr Than kok fun from gleneagles. true doctor is super fatherly will pay attention to your every details. even scolded the nurse when they make me painful. hospital wise super good experience!

If u switch to private at 5mths, I am not sure if you can get a good gynae because some gynaes do not like to handle new cases at 5mths onwards.

Not sure if you can still get a private gynae at 5 mths but don't be shock when you see your bills when you switch to being a private patient.

Why would u switched to private after 5 months? Not sure if any good gynae would take from there. Should have decided to switch earlier.

if ur already 5 months at kkh as subsidised patient, why now change to private? Kkh not good?