Hello mummies! I'm currently exclusively breastfeeding my newborn. She's constantly hungry so I'm feeding her on demand. However, it seems that she spits up her milk even after burping her. Sometimes she even vomits them out. Any idea why? Does it have to do with "cold" breastmilk?

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She’s constantly hungry because breastmilk digest very very quick that’s why it seems like she’s always hungry. Spitting up milk is normal because their stomach is so small. And their digestive system are not fully matured yet to contain them so on occasions they tend to spit up milk. Lastly, did u warm the breastmilk alittle before giving her? So u pump it out and give it in a bottle or latch?

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2y ago

I completely latch for my newborn! That's why I'm curious if my breastmilk (that's cmg out from my body directly) is cold for her which results in the constant spit ups. 🙁

Common for newborn to have spit ups. Try to keep her upright after feeding for 15-20mins instead of placing her down straight away. Breastmilk is warm right out the breast so it’s not cold (when you hand express out in a bottle and feel it, it’s actually warm and at a good temp for baby).


its reflux which is common in nb. your BM is not cold at its warm it adjust to the right temperature for baby.

2y ago

Thank you! I'm just worried if she gets the reflux in her sleep 🙁