Blood test result 25 weeks pregnant

I just did my blood test and glucose test last week. Checked health hub and got the lab result. Glucose test was okay, but however my blood test shows that my white blood count is higher than the reference given, and red blood count is lower than the reference given. Startinvg to get worried if this will affect my pregnancy and the baby im carrying. Should i be worried? They mentioned that they will give a call if the results is not good, but it's been a week and i didnt receive any call from them yet. This makes me anxious and stress. Anyone face this situation before? My next appt is at the end of this month. The wait till the next appoinment is only stressing me out. Im just hoping that it won't affect the pregnancy.

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it can be due to any gum inflammation or other inflammation. this was told by my gynae when my white blood count result is higher

i had the same. levels are elevated during pregnancy and it’s normal. the range they use is for normal people. it’s fine