Hi mummies, I'm at my 6th week, first pregnancy. Experiencing nausea esp in the morning. Slight dizzy. Any tips on how to curb the nausea?

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For me, i have some ribena and nibble on biscuits. If not, can get anti-nausea medicine from the docs. Its not easy i know but this is all part and parcel of pregnancy.

4y ago

Ribena sounds like a fantastic idea! Now have to control not to take in so much because Dr will be concern about GDM right? 😅 Thank you for the suggestion!

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I kept some plain biscuit nxt to me. I will hv some bite bef i get off the bed whenever nausea kicks in

4y ago

I have biscuits on standby but when the nausea kicks in, I don't have the appetite to eat it. 😭 But after I manage to eat it I do usually feel better. Thank you for commenting :)