Water bag leaking/ discharges

Hi mummies. Im 38 weeks + 6 days. I had water bag leaking twice. Went to delivery suite at kkh this morning. Dr inspected n told me my cervix still close, amniotic fluid still normal and the fluid that was leakimg might be discharges instead. Any mummies experience this before? I have yet to feel any contractions though

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One of this few days you will have bloody show soon. My gynae check on my cervix on my EDD, then the next day I lost of mucus plug then bloody show. Gave birth 2 days after my gynae did a cervix check. I believe my gynae did a membrane sweep without me knowing too Now you need to monitor yourself and make sure your hospital bag is packed! Once you feel heavy contractions/bloody show you can admit to hospital.

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No worries dear! Be safe and take care! I wish you have a smooth labour! ❤️

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Don’t worry, you are probably not in labour. Since you are already at full term, just monitor yourself over the next few days. Eventually when your water bag breaks, it will feel more than a leak. Prepare your hospital bag and a few thick towels to absorb your amniotic fluid for when you travel to the hospital. Wishing you a smooth delivery when the time comes!

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I have water leaking at 38 weeks + 2. Cervix open about 2-3cm. The water keep leaking, it won’t stop. When I am standing, water leaked faster than sitting or lying down. I can feel little contraction. Wish you have a smooth labour!