Water bag leaking/ discharges

Hi mummies. Im 38 weeks + 6 days. I had water bag leaking twice. Went to delivery suite at kkh this morning. Dr inspected n told me my cervix still close, amniotic fluid still normal and the fluid that was leakimg might be discharges instead. Any mummies experience this before? I have yet to feel any contractions though

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One of this few days you will have bloody show soon. My gynae check on my cervix on my EDD, then the next day I lost of mucus plug then bloody show. Gave birth 2 days after my gynae did a cervix check. I believe my gynae did a membrane sweep without me knowing too Now you need to monitor yourself and make sure your hospital bag is packed! Once you feel heavy contractions/bloody show you can admit to hospital.

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No worries dear! Be safe and take care! I wish you have a smooth labour! ❤️