Hi mummies, any ideas how to minimise kids from getting sick in school? My infant joined the school two days and he is back with flu and slight fever! Told the teacher to ensure toddler wont be in contact with my son but they replied they try not to place them face to face-.- my boy has not complete his vaccination im so worried:(

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hi there. getting sick and going to school is synonymous. its part and parcel of it. there are so many children and even if they are not sick, they could be still infectious from a sick episode or just being a carrier and going to fall sick in a day or 2. how old is ur child? u can check with pd if can take flu vaccine? at least that is one things settled. u can also give colostrum supplement? it takes a long time to complete vaccination and other babies there are in the same situation as u. children move around, tough around, teachers move around, touch around. so very easy to sick. u just have to ride it out. some mothers shared that their kids 2 months almost every week sick. if u look at it, it is part of boosting immunity which they will need to experience sooner or later if when u observe for a few weeks and its still quite persistent, u may want to consider the hygiene practices of the place. not all schools are made equal tho they all try to be hygienic

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