PLAYGROUP...A question here. My son is in playgroup...Everytime when he comes back from school etc i send him to schl 4 days and after Come back he will be sick with flu and cough....Is this normal?? And till when will he be like this. Everytime send school come back then sick. If i never send he is okay no sickness. Confused mum here.

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It’s normal for kids who attends school to fall sick cause you never know which irresponsible parents will just send their kid there even with mild flu or cough because they can’t take leave. However, it can also be that he’s not wearing enough clothings. Does your PG have aircon? If they do, might want to consider layering more clothings.

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Yes could be some irresponsible parents...yes they do have aircon. But my son could stand cold...Tq for replying

This is pretty normal. Also a lot of Covid kids haven't had the chance to build up natural immunity to the rich variety of bugs that are out there. You could help by taking your kid in for a flu shot.

Building up their immunity by taking supplements. I have 3 kids. I give them Avance supplements Vpropolis and LB30 probiotics. Cough and flu subside within a week.

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Masks are optional now but if your kid doesn’t mind maybe mask up if not doing so currently? Super normal to pick up viruses from school

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Yes, this is common especially in airconditioned rooms . Happens in schools too. Load up with vitamins and wear mask if ok.


i heard it can be common... hope things get better for u really soon 🙏's so annoying :(