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Hi mummies Any idea if we can do massages and to what extent? I'm having terrible back aches that run all the way down to my thighs.. Thought of going for a back massage.. Any idea if that's ok? Or recommendations?

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Yes. You can go for prenatal massages. Please go to a reputable shop or trained therapist. I went to Babies Bellies and Madam Partum. I would recommend Madam Partum as it’s based on TCM principles. No worries. They will use less force and make sure you are comfortable. When massaging your back, you will be asked to turn sideways with a pillow or towel to support your tummy.

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Tried prenatal massages at a few places, one named by a mummy here. I don’t particularly feel they help much with the soreness but they made feel relaxed. Otherwise can try prenatal yoga, provided there’s green light from your gynae.

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Yes, you can! There are many massages catered for pregnant women in SG. I did around 8 sessions with Schone Mama and they definitely helped with my backache and swelling legs. A good investment for sure!

I did prenatal massage recommended by a friend.. did almost 10 sessions and I will say it is worth it if u are really aching badly

Hi, Generally prenatal massages for 10 sessions is good. But you can initially start with 3 sessions and see if it helps you

Yes. Can try 3 session and see how