thick discharge, 3cm dilated

hello Mummies! i went for my checkup last 2 days & doc said that i was 2cm dilated alr @ nearly 38weeks. then on the same night, i had bloody stool + thick discharge which caused me worry so i went to KKH @ 3am only to be sent home despite being 3cm dilated as they mentioned its normal since im constipated. both bloody stool & thick discharge has been going on since then, up till today. may i know, if any mummies experienced the same, how many days after did your waterbag burst or you went into labour? please advise!🥺

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Hospital will sent u home normally if you're not in an active labour but what you're describing is labour sign for sure. Probably wait for contractions to be sure. I had diarrhea and mucus plug then felt contractions which was still bearable, the night before I went to labour. Gynae burst my waterbag cos I was already 3cm dilated. Gave birth 6 hrs later at 37 weeks.

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8mo ago

Came out during the diarrhea or should I say watery stools just once then when I reached KKH, went to the public toilet to pee first before heading to the delivery suite & I saw about the size of a 50¢ blood on my panties. This was with my 1st born. If you feel pain on your tummy above your pelvic, it's a high chance that it's a contraction. Will not go away no matter what u do. If you feel pain on your tummy below your breasts, it's braxton hicks. A tightening feeling and will go away when u change ur position. So do look out for the above.