3cm dilated at 33 weeks

Hello mummies I was hospitalized at week 32 due to contractions. I was given steroids to aid baby’s lung development. I was 2cm dilated. Recent checkup shows that I’m have dilated to 3cm at 33 weeks. Baby weighs 2.4kg. I’m so worried of pre-term Labour. Anyone with similar experience and able to deliver nearer to full term?

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Hello, my water bag burst when I was 33 weeks, was admitted and stayed for 2 days in hospital while they gave steroids to mature baby’s lungs. Then after that ready to deliver. Baby was 2.375kg which was considered a good weight so gynae and PD were confident to deliver. My baby stayed in nicu for about 9 days, nothing major, mostly monitoring oxygen level and making sure can feed and guys can digest before they were ready to discharge him. Baby is 10mo today and so heavy! All healthy and good, never fallen sick so far. Scream super loudly ie lungs very good lol. Don’t worry ok! Trust the medical team.

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2.4kg is not a bad weight, baby only has to stay in NICU if under 2kg typically. Preterm labor is not ideal but your baby will be fine especially since you already got the steroid jab, so don't stress too much :). I also got steroid jabs and delivered 2kg baby but she's now healthy and chubby at 1.5yo. All the best!

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I didn't dilate but I was having contractions at 34 weeks only manage to hold for 2 weeks gave birth at 36 weeks via c sec. baby weigh 3.2kg

Hi. So are you still hospitalised? I was given steroid jab and bed rest. Baby born at 37 weeks at 2.6kg

2y ago

Please do strict bed rest okay. And look out for leakage. Water or blood or mucus. Keep your phone near you for any emergency.