Bloody discharge

Hi again! It has been 2 days since my last checkup and discharge of mucus plug w blood. Was feeling fine yesterday and today morning around 7am, i started having this menses-like cramps which were a bit intense and ever since then , every hour , i have been feeling the cramps. Is this just Braxton hicks or is this labour contractions?? I just went to the toilet & noticed more bloody discharge. Should i be prepared for labour anytime soon or just monitor again till the contractions get worse? Ps: i don't know how bad can a contraction get but currently it's bearable and uncomfortable for me. My pain threshold is high and i do not know when would be the trigger signal for me to head to kkh. Any advise?

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Go immediately to kkh when the contractions become more regular, about 10mins apart. Or when water break.

2y ago

Update : i have safely given birth to a healthy baby boy at 2109 hours.