Hi mummies! I just want to share and get some insights. I was feeling nausea when I reached my 11 weeks onwards and now am at my 12 weeks and my nausea is worsen. Almost everyday am feeling one kind .. mostly in the evening. Just started Obimin and stop folic acid. How do you combat morning sickness? I need remedies.

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I'm at w11 and I am experiencing bouts of ms but mostly puking out bitter liquid, I only realised that eating small at 1.5hr intervals, (pls try not to leave tummy empty too long, i had bad problems on my first 2 children for having acid reflux) and eating bland or plain biscuits and breads helped. Napping in btw is important too. And i tried eating bits of mango pcs which helped to really bring down Ms cos its high in B6💯. Not recommended to eat alot as its high in sugar. 😬 Lets hope we both feel better soon. Both my children my ms went off at 13/14w, damn relieved to be back to normal self the least. So I'm looking forward!

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It’ll get worse before it gets better. My gynae says. Pop some mints but not to much. Standby an inhaler if you can’t smell certain smells. Eat smaller amount of meals frequently in a day. Whatever that doesn’t make you hurl. Nothing raw or too much sugar though. I remember when I was around that stage I can’t even smell anything cooking. I hate the smell of rice let alone eating it. It gets better in 2nd trimester. Meanwhile enjoy your pregnancy cause you’re sure going to miss it despite the MS. It’ll be over in a blink of an eye.

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