How to naturally stop breastmilk?

Hi mummies, I have been exclusively expressing milk for 10 months. How do I reduce my breastmilk naturally? Now I pump 3 times a day, almost 7-8hrs apart, each session about 30mins. Each session produces around 300+ml. Tried one day to reduce to 2 pumps and my breasts hard like stone. Very uncomfortable. I just introduced formula milk and wish to stop pumping. Any recommendation to slowly reducing milk supply?

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Super Mum

Cold compress/cabbage to make your breasts less engorged. Also, don’t pump out all the milk, because then your body will try to quickly replenish. Pump out 3/4 of the milk each time so that you’ll not fee so engorged, and your body will also slow down in production. Last resort, there are meds to decrease milk supply, but I think the natural methods work just fine

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I have never tired but heard fron other mummies & read online, you can use cold cabbage leaves inside your bra. Wash & dry it, change every 2hrs.

Super Mum

Cold cabbage?