Second child at 38 ?

Hi mummies … I have a 2+ years old son and we’re considering a second one.. I’m 38 this year.. I’m a bit worried if I’m too old to have another? I’m worried if I’m healthy and strong enough to have a second baby and complications of pregnancy… Anyone in the same boat care to share any advice? Also I kind of had post partum depression when I had my first kid… was so stressed about him crying all the time and not knowing what he wants etc …

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I just turned 38 and pregnant with my 2nd child. My first is turning 5 this year. My elder sis was pregnant at 35, had 4 children ever since (1st miscarried) and had her youngest at 44 years old. Generally, may feel a little more tired but it really depends on individual. Assuming you are generally healthy, there should be no issues. It is okay to be a little worried, it happens even to the younger mommies. Just think positive and take it at a stride at a time. I had baby blues and severe anxiety first my first but we take it as a lesson and learn to cope better in the future.

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1st pregnancy at 40 2nd pregnancy at 42 my boy not even 2years old when I was pregnant, no helper, no parent, no in-law not even confinement nanny, all by myself age is just a number, nothing to worry. ask yourself do you really want to have no 2, if yes, u can overcome everything take care 🙂

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