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I’m pregnant 37 baby breech and my doctor has already fixed a date for C-section at 38 weeks.Is it too early for my pregnancy?they told me full term baby is at 39 weeks.. I have one more appointment b4 my C-section... and this is not my first pregnancy but it’s my first time for C-section...I’m so worried

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my 2nd pregnancy also breech, baby moved up at 37 week, and my gynae on leave at my 38th week, but I still come every 3 days to check the position, the replacement gynae told me to book for c-sect at my 38th week appointment cos no chance the baby will moved back again, afraid the water will broke anytime, so my elective c-sect was at 39th week, 2 days after my gynae return from her trip. The process of c-sect is very fast actually, I choose epidural so my husband can come in and accompany me (and take photo with me 😜). After 37 actually baby already consider fullterm, just make sure the size of your baby not too small, I ate alot during end of my pregnancy so that baby can grow bigger inside.

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At 37wks baby is already full term. I had csec for both my babies.My first csec was when baby was 37wks 1 day, weighed 2.5kgs. Second csec was at 38wks , weighed 3.2kgs. No need to worry much , u can ask doc what’s the baby weight , ideally 2.5kgs is considered minimum normal weight for new born. Try eating mangoes/ cheese /milk etc so baby will gain weight fast.

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You should ask what's the disadvantage of waiting abit longer until the baby is full term. If it's a life or death situation then it's better to get the baby out asap and also csect isnt as bad as it seem. So relax

37 weeks is full term :)