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Hi Mummies! I have 2 beautiful daughters and currently 15 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child & I am praying for a baby boy which I think its fair enough since I am already blessed with daughters already. 😅 My issue is about some of my friends/colleagues who kept giving me unsolicited feedback about my pregnancy although they knew that I am praying for a son. 😡 “I think its a girl” “Forget about having a son, its a girl” “No leh, it looks like a girl” I don’t mind having another girl! Babies are blessing and God knows whats best for me but how can I make this insensitive people to just shut up? Honestly because of it, I don’t like to go out with them because they will just keep talking about my bump & how I changed physically. 🥺🥺🥺

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It's hard to just ignore, when you know you'll be affected. I too, cannot just simply ignore such people and comments. Maybe the next time they ask to meet, you can try replying them jokingly "Huh don't want la, later you all make comments about my bump and my physical changes again, very sian/sad leh", and add a smiley face like this 😅. They'll get the point. They'll probably say oh sorry they didn't realize their remarks offended you. And you can smile back/reply with smiley emoji again and tell them yea you were a little upset but it's okay, you know they meant no harm. Then proceed to discuss your meeting plans. The next time you guys meet up, they'll be more aware and less insensitive. (Hopefully)

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Some people are just insenstive. Dont bother about negative people