2nd pregnancy after Csection; Pains.

Are there any Csection Mummies out there, who can tell me their experiences with having another baby after a caesarean. I am having some pains around my scar, My son is 3 years old as of the first of April, I am having some pains. I imagine it is from my uterus stretching, as in 2 more days I will be 16 weeks. It isnt exactly cramping. I have an appt on the 23rd. I was told if it isnt constant or accompanied with blood & so on its ok. I am just worried because I have a high pain tolerance.. its especially worse, if I feel like I am about to have a BM. thank you for any help or experiences shared!?????????

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Hihi! My firstborn is turning 3 next month and im 17weeks 3 days into the pregnancy with my 2nd one. though I didnt really experience pain around my csect scar, but I understand it could be round ligament pain as the uterus stretches. Talks to your gynae about it next week during your appointment (:

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I did have a Csection but it was my last pregnancy...although I still feel some tingling around the scar even after 12 years...maybe its just our mind playing tricks. However you monitor your condition closely...go with your gut feel