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Hi Mummies! I will get to know the babies gender next week. I am so stressed and kept having sleepless night.. i am praying for a son, can you please pray for me? I have 2 beautiful daughters and been wanting to have a son. Please?

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I really pray your wish come true 😊But be mentally prepared to accept that it's not for us to decide. My MIL told me she was kinda disappointed when her 3rd was a son as well. She badly wanted a girl 😀 When he was still a toddler she dressed him as a baby girl and took few photographs. She still keeps those pics 😀

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3y ago

Hi! I have just found out that its a boy! Im am so happy! I am hoping and praying for you to have a baby girl soon! 😍

Hi mummy! I know the stress you feel but best is not to put high hopes or you'll end up more disappointed. Girl or boy, as long as baby is well and healthy that's what really matters. Ignore all the people who keep stressing on you to have a son. Your mental health is always a priority.

Frankly, every child is a gift from God. I just had my third daughter this year and she's really a big blessing during this COVID period, bringing everyone joy every day. So don't stress out, boy or girl, they are all precious.

Dont stess out. Baby is a gift of god. Any gender will be fine as long as they grow healthy

for me, I've got my little girl after 3 boys😅hopefully you'll get what u wished for.

3y ago

I did! Its a boy! 🙂🙂🙂

I been wanting a son for the last 10 years. god bless me with 6 girls ..

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Hope your wish come true..Always keep praying for that..God bless you..

3y ago

Thank you! I’m having a baby boy! 😍

All the best to you. May your wish come true this 2021 !

are you under family pressure to bore a son?

All the best ! May your wish come true !