Anxious 1st time mum

Hi mummies, so i had past bad expriences.. now i am blessed again😊 16 weeks today. However i am so anxious all the time.. last scan was 2 weeks ago and next scan is in another 2 weeks time.. How will i know baby is healthy? I wish i could scan every week... 😅 hope to get some positive advise so i can relax abit and nt be soo paranoid😶

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Don’t stress so much... I’m like you... had a bad experience and immediately been blessed with 1 after a month... was being to anxious and paranoid on bb health lead to massive bleeding occasionally... I went back to my previous gynae and she prescribe me duphaston till 12weeks and ultrogesten till 18 weeks and my boy is currently coming 5 months old now... my suggestion to you is trust your gynae ... if your gynae didn’t mention anything means bb is in good hands in you...

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4y ago


Normally for 1st time mums you won't feel any baby's movements just yet @ 16 weeks. It will be a bit later but worry not as your baby is actually actively moving inside your womb although you can't feel the real movements yet. You'll still feel flutters or like bubbles popping though but normally 1st time mums will brushed it off as gas. Keep thinking positive, alright. Most importantly, don't forget to take your vitamin daily.

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4y ago

i will..thank u so much.. yeah i did feel flutter sometimes.. trying my best to always think positive too🥰

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I had same anxiety issue too. I ended up go gynae every week to see the baby. No words or actions were more comforting than seeing my baby actively moving and hearing the heartbeat. Finally at week 15 my anxiety is gone n able to enjoy my pregnancy better without so much stress

Don’t worry too much as stress is not good for you/the baby. Everything should be well as long as no bleeding/discharge/pain. Feeling your baby’s movement is also a sign of reassurance☺️ gynae visits will be more regular in third trimester, take care!

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Hmm usually i will feel the kicks or the movements.. thats hw i know im doing ok.. stay positive.. look forward to all the movements n enjoy the journey!


usually after 2nd Tri is 1 month once. just relaxed and enjoy. nearing to date is twice a month and follow by 1 week once.