Hi Mummies, I just delivered my stillborn baby girl at 32 weeks. It started when I noticed I haven't felt fetal movement for the day. Eventually, we went to KKH for a check to get a peace of mind. Turned out that she has no more heartbeat... We were shocked because we just had our regular check up with our private gynae few days back. So I was induced and had to deliver her out naturally. The medical team, nurses and doctors on duty were actually very nice and helped my hub and I a lot throughout the whole process. When the baby was finally out, we got to spend some time with her before she was taken to the mortuary. Anyway, the tests done indicated nothing which might cause the stillbirth. My pregnancy was also smooth sailing so far, no GDM or any other complications. As what the doctor mentioned, there might be no known reason for the stillbirth. Just wondering and need some positive stories for encouragement, anyone managed to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy again after a stillbirth? How long did you wait before trying again? Thanks in advance.

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sorry to hear about your loss. we lost our babies at week 20 and 30 under smooth pregnancy without any known causes after all the tests being done. just no baby heart beat. i waited for a year after clearing all the checks, and making sure that i am on follow-up with a high risk gynae clinic so that they can give early pregnancy appt. this also depends if your gynae has told you whether they need to give you any medication pre-pregnancy or early trimester should you conceive in the next pregnancy. give your body some time to heal as third trimester loss need some time to replenish the nutrients and let your uterus be strong again. beyond all the physical checks, it’s also dependent on how psychologically and emotionally ready you are to move on. you can join the facebook/ telegram chats if you ask others who have been through similar journey.

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