How to go through this difficult moment with my wife?

My wife complaint of back pain and some blood discharge was noticed when she went to the toilet. I immediately took her to KK hospital A&E to see a doctor. We were informed that there was no heart beat while doing an ultrasound. In my heart I am still hoping there is some problem with the machine. I questioned the doctor how sure was she on the diagnosis. She offered us to come back again tomorrow to do a detail check. My wife was upset and my heart was broken too. But I had to stay optimistic and hoped there was an error with the scan. She's having cramps and the discharge of blood was more than what we seen. After sometime, she managed to sleep now while I'm typing this. But all the info on the internet seems to be accurate which bring my positivity down. I really hoped for the best tomorrow 😢

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I hope it is a positive outcome for you. Your sharing brings me back to the earlier part of this pregnancy, where my wife bled heavily with cramps during the 6th-8th week, emotional roller-coasters going to UO&G days after days, and not seeing the heartbeat initially and we thought we had lost the child. The bleeding continued all the way till 16th week. Today my child is fighting strong in her mummy's (my wife) tummy at 30th week. Both my wife and I are praying hard for her to be born safe and sound as we look forward to the EDD. Dont lose hope and my best wishes for you and your family.

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Hugs and sending love to you and your wife. It’s ok to feel down, go for the check tomorrow for confirmation is a wise idea. Meantime be strong moral support to her, give her hugs and pats to comfort and ease her tension.

hello. i lost my rainbow baby, before having pregnant the 2nd one. dont lose hope. sending my hugs and love for your wife❤